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What is a Dubai fishing trip?

The tourism sector of the magical Emirate is one of the most developed in the world. Therefore, you will find incredible entertainment and multi-faceted experiences while in the main city. Fishing in Dubai is one of the most extravagant services among local tourists.

It will be difficult to surprise an experienced traveler with the variety of leisure activities that the UAE offers you. But you should try Fishing with an instructor if you have time and a little extra budget to attend this type of excursion with the opportunity to try incredibly delicious BBQ dishes. The excursion format will introduce you to the peculiarities of catching any prey that cannot escape.

BBQ, Equipment & Crew

Dubai fishing trip is unlike the Asian or European experience because the companies here are Commercially Licensed and insured. That’s not only about the highest level of professionalism of the instructors. You will be taught the basic rules and provided with everything you need for the best catch of your life. With a professional guide, you will not be left without a festive BBQ.

Professional equipment with the best technology for the most agile and largest fish is already waiting for you.

Deep Sea Fishing Trips in Dubai Daily

Deep Sea Fishing Trips in Dubai
Deep Sea Fishing Trips in Dubai

You can choose several available options that suit your budget and time management. 4 hours, half day, full day, Private or group session – choose what suits you and feel free to place your order.

Fishing trips charters include free meals and delicious drinks, so you don’t have to worry about going hungry. Yachts or boats are specially equipped for this type of tour. There is no need to worry that something will go wrong – everything has already been planned for a long time. Your prey doesn’t stand a chance.

Fishing Dubai: What’s for dinner?

Among the most common catch among non-wholesale tourists you can find:

  • Sherry
  • King & Queen Fish
  • Groupers
  • Sultan Ibrahim
  • Barracuda.

But if you have a lot of experience or incredible luck, Dubai deep sea fishing can delight you with especially rare delicacies:

  • Tuna
  • Bonito
  • Trevally
  • Cobia

And remember: no matter how successful your excursion is, you will never go hungry. This type of vacation involves not only receiving vivid emotions from sea fishing but also delicious food according to a special recipe. Your mentor will prepare a delicious grilled dish that you will imagine yourself in a floating restaurant with a Michelin star.

Dubai deep sea fishing reviews

With the help of the Internet, we can look into the true meaning of certain things. This is especially important when we need to decide on leisure time during a vacation or business trip. Having looked at a large number of reviews from tourists from all over the world, we can tell you what fishing in Dubai is like in a simple form of advantages and disadvantages.

What are the Pros?

  • Only professional fishing equipment
  • Insurance and commercial license following the law
  • Highly experienced instructor with dozens of years on board
  • Free food and drinks are included in the tour price
  • Possibility of sailing to the distant waters of the Persian Gulf with subsequent return to Dubai Marina
  • Freshly prepared grilled delicacies taste much better on a yacht
  • You don’t need to worry about anything. Everything is prepared for you.

What about the Cons?

  • Rare fish species are very difficult to find, you need to be happy with what you have
  • Individual excursions are too expensive for the average traveler
  • The standard package of 4-7 hours may not be enough.

It will be quite difficult to find a person who does not like this type of entertainment. This suggests that this type of adventure would be much preferable to the usual yacht trip.

How to book a Dubai fishing trip?

This type of entertainment is a fairly easy task that even your child can do. It’s even easier than renting a car in Dubai and requires only 3 steps:

  1. Choosing a travel package that you like. Consider the type of excursion (4-10 people basic or private), duration of the voyage on the high seas, and price.
  2. Place an order on our website by filling out the contact form.
  3. Get your booking approved. All that remains is to look forward to this special event.

There is no need to pay for insurance since it is already included in the cost of the trip. Thanks to a special fishing license, you can go not only to local waters but throughout the UAE. All that remains for you is to receive recommendations from a professional instructor, relax on the yacht with a delicious drink, and enjoy delicious cooked fish on a yacht on the high seas.

Book now and get your Deep Sea Fishing Trips in Dubai today. This level of sensation will be unforgettable for you and all your friends.

Prices for Dubai Deep Sea Fishing Excursion

The table below shows prices for various excursions and tours that include fishing in the Emirates. You can order any of the excursions by following the links below.

Excursion Duration Persons Price
4-Hour Deep-Sea Fishing Cruise 4-Hour up to 10 persons $789
Best Fishing Trip-4Hours 4 hours per group up to 9 $489
Half-Day Fishing Trip with Shared and Private Options 4 hours per group up to 10 $615
Palm Jumeirah Kayak Fishing Private Tour 3 hours per person $92
Luxury Yacht Tour with Options to Add a BBQ Lunch 1 – 3 hours per person $30
Fishing Dubai
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