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Deep Sea Fishing Trips in Abu Dhabi Daily

The United Arab Emirates offers quite a lot of extravagant entertainment, which attracts millions of adrenaline seekers from all over the world. Sand surfing in the desert, water jetpack, diving, driving sports cars – the list is endless. But Fishing in Abu Dhabi deserves special attention. We have a lot to tell about this adventure, which is rightfully considered one of the most exciting types of tourism services in this country.

The waters of the Persian Gulf are very generous in the diversity of floating prey. Therefore, even if you have never held a fishing rod in your hands, you can always count on a good catch. Especially when your yacht has a professional guide with extensive experience in local waters. This is a real ultimate holiday in the Emirates, which will show you a whole range of colorful emotions: calm, drive, rage, and peace.

What can you choose?

Fishing trip charters can be divided into two categories: Group and Individual. Typically, group tours are the most common choice among tourists, since they are the most affordable and can differ in price based on the duration of the entertainment:

  • 1 hour (optional and quite rare)
  • 4-7 hours (most popular choice)
  • Full day.

We recommend considering at least 4 hours because this time will be enough to experience the whole essence of this activity. But be prepared to want more, because this is a great hobby.

BBQ, Equipment & Crew

The highlight of your boat excursion will, of course, be a freshly grilled catch. Your professional instructor will make a real delicacy from any species of the Gulf inhabitants.

In the process, you’ll also be reinforcing your interest with delicious drinks and food. They are already included in your order and do not require separate payment. The main thing is to have strength left until the BBQ is ready.


The high level of specialization of the captain of local boats will not leave a single chance for defeat. All necessary components from fishing lines to spinning rods will be ready for the extreme load. Only the highest level of equipment can ensure trouble-free operation.

The Crew

Depending on the travel package you choose, you may have a different team. But in this matter, one reliable mentor will be enough, who will lead you to your cherished goal – to catch the biggest fish in your life. Do you believe that you can do this?

How to get on Deep Sea Fishing Trips in Abu Dhabi?

Deep Sea Fishing Trips in Abu Dhabi
Deep Sea Fishing Trips in Abu Dhabi

This type of entertainment does not require special permission or a long registration procedure. Moreover, getting on an excursion in one of the boats is much easier than renting a car for 1 day. Abu Dhabi fishing trip does not require a deposit or insurance (it is already included in your online booking).

The tour registration procedure consists of several steps:

  • Selection of a travel package. Quite a simple choice in terms of duration, price, and included additional services.
  • Online order. You can use the online booking option through our website or call the manager.
  • We set a date and received the booking confirmation.

If your budget cannot afford a private Fishing Abu Dhabi tour, you can safely look at Group sessions. A large yacht can easily accommodate from 4 to 10 people with all the necessary equipment.

What lives at the bottom of the Persian Gulf?

Regardless of the depth of your bait, you can count on a great catch:

  • Queen and King Fish
  • Sultan Ibrahim
  • Sherry
  • Grouper
  • Barracuda.

But if great luck decides to appear or your level of professional fishing is at its highest, then you can meet the rarest inhabitants of the local waters: Tuna, Cobia, Trevally, or Bonita.

Abu Dhabi deep sea fishing reviews

Complete boredom or the most exciting adventure in the whole UAE? We’ve sorted through dozens of online reviews of sea adventurers in this city to help you make your decision. The structure in the Pros and Cons format will give you all the information.

What are the Pros?

  • You will experience a whole storm of emotions
  • 100% Commercially Licensed & Insured
  • There is always time for big thoughts with a view of the bay
  • Very tasty food, especially from the grill
  • Large selection of free drinks
  • Your instructor is always ready to help with advice.

What about the Cons?

  • Group sessions can be loud
  • You don’t always get the desired catch
  • A little expensive.

Prices for Abu-Dhabi Deep Sea Fishing Excursion

The table below shows prices for various excursions and tours that include fishing in the Emirates. You can order any of the excursions by following the links below.

Excursion Duration Persons Price
4-Hour Deep-Sea Fishing Cruise 4-Hour up to 10 persons $789
Best Fishing Trip-4Hours 4 hours per group up to 9 $489
Half-Day Fishing Trip with Shared and Private Options 4 hours per group up to 10 $615
Palm Jumeirah Kayak Fishing Private Tour 3 hours per person $92
Luxury Yacht Tour with Options to Add a BBQ Lunch 1 – 3 hours per person $30


Abu Dhabi deep sea fishing is a special service in a special place. The more time you spend in the UAE, the more likely you are to come across such entertainment. The time spent fishing is incomparable to any other experience that can be had here.

We highly recommend experiencing this for yourself. Book now and please tell us about your catch in the comments.

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